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With You Every Step of the Way

Woman in Pain

Chronic Illness & Health Stressors

-Coping with medical & chronic illness

-Chronic pain management

-Body image issues/weight management

-Women's health

-Pre/postpartum mood and adjustment 

-Sleep Issues

-Caregiver support and carepartner stress

Stressed Woman

Anxiety Disorders

-Generalized Anxiety

-Social Anxiety

-Health Anxiety

-Stress Management




Woman on Window Sill

Depression Management

-Coping with depression

-Self-esteem issues

-Grief & loss counseling

-Anger Management 


Family Dispute

Life Transitions

-Making a career change/starting school

-Starting or ending a relationship

-Moving/relocating to a new location

-Starting a family

-Coping with loss or death

Support Group

Relationship Issues

-Romantic relationship stressors

-Marital & premarital counseling

-Peer relationship distress

Waiting Area

Career Counseling

-Career Stress

-Career Exploration

-Work/life Balance


Gay Couple Eating Popsicles

Identity Exploration

-Identity exploration & development

-Sexual orientation & gender identity

-Multicultural/diversity concerns 


Trauma Recovery

-Medical trauma

-Sexual assault and intimate partner violence

-Relationally based trauma abuse


Testing & Evaluation

-Spinal Cord Stimulator evaluations
-Bariatric surgery psychological evaluations
-DRG neuromodulation evaluations

-Pre-surgical evaluations

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